Upping the bar one more time

With each project tackled we set out to up the bar one more time. We continually experiment with new carving and painting techniques, building on what we learned previously. The 'woodwork' in the How to Train Your Dragon project is a good example. While we desired a great deal of texture in the wood grains we also wanted more subtle areas as well. With the paint we would build on that first step. We were looking to create a look of finished and painted wood that has been out in the weather a while and was showing it's age as was appropriate for the story.

After the crew finished painting and glazing the first crate they decided it needed a little something...  a label of sorts. Then one of them remembered the Viking alphabet used in the movie (in the dragon book) and did a quick search on the internet. Sure enough they found what they were looking for and proceeded to write on the side of the crate...  I suspect that few guests will understand the significance and far fewer yet will take the time to look it up and decipher it. But it one small detail that adds to the story.

Dan SawatzkyComment