One ride - three fun themes

There are always an unlimited number of creative and fun ways to solve any problem. Three recent clients are installing the same ride into their parks. It's a small, but delightful spinning coaster. In the current version the cars sport a colourful ladybug paint scheme and the ride is dubbed Bug Whirled. Our job is to build an identity around this theme. Similar to the post of yesterday we went with a circus theme but this time it is all about bugs. We perched the performing mechanical insects on tree stumps to elevate them and also allow us to seamlessly blend the marquees into a green and landscaped environment.

The theme for the second ride was of course all about the Gruffle Pirates at Scallywag Bay. In this case we elevated the ride on tall pylons to twelve feet off of the ground in order to make it exciting. We asked the manufacturer to enlarge one of the loops just enough to insert a tower ride in the centre. The signs for this attraction reflect the Gruffle characters who operate the rides. Tupper counts his 'Pieces of Eight' (a nod to the figure eight layout of the ride) and Specs waits atop his sign, the lookout for the spinning tower ride called 'Crow's Nest'. The cars for the pieces of Eight ride were themed as barrels to go with the theme.

For the Cultus Lake Adventure Park the spinning coaster was tucked under the larger coaster. We dubbed this ride 'Blastin' Barrels' and again used the barrels as the ride cars. We fastened the sign name to a stack of barrels as the post and build a mine shaft inside a small mountain for the queue. The runaway train was perched precariously overhead to add to the drama.

Dan SawatzkyComment