Problem solving

When our kids were small we loved to play a creative game. One person would scribble a line on a piece of blank paper and the other would then take the pen and add to that line to make it into something clever. I don't ever remember anyone ever being stumped. The game was often played when we went out to dinner. It kept the kids busy and quiet when we were waiting for our dinner to be served. The game also was a wonderful way to teach our youngsters the art of problem solving.

Designing theme parks is often similar to that fun drawing game we used to play. A client presents us with a ride (most often very colourful) that we have to fit into a theme. It can be a real challenge at times. A recent project was a ride with colours that wouldn't have been our first choice. Repainting the ride wasn't a viable option. Instead, we enthusiastically embraced what we were given and designed a clever theme around it.

Dan SawatzkyComment