Another OOPS!

I carry a small camera with me at all times to document our work and provide photos for our daily journal. Although I try to be careful it can be risky at times and I have destroyed a goodly bunch of cameras through the years. During my presentation on marketing in my workshops I point out the benefits and pitfalls of always having your camera handy. The benefits far out weight the perils. Yesterday, I had a twelve day old camera in my hip pouch as we raced the go karts in Denver. I went into one corner a little too fast as did the driver behind me. We ended up tangled and slid sideways, hard up against the barriers of the track. Thankfully, no one was hurt but there was a casualty as we discovered later. My latest camera was crushed between my hip and the deep fibreglass seat. Add one more to the long list. I picked up a new one today and this time I promise to be more careful!

Dan SawatzkyComment