Market research

The EnRoute workshop in Denver went extremely well and lots was learned by all. There were many favourable comments at the end. But after three days of being cooped up in a room, sitting for the most part, it was time to get out for some fun. Peter phoned home to check in and Hailey suggested that we go find a go kart track and do some serious (and high speed) research. We threw out the idea to others at the workshop and a group of eleven took up the challenge. Jeff, our host knew just the place. These high speed karts were capable of traveling up to 45 MPH on the tight track! A fun time was had by all. Some useful data was gathered at the same time. I am proud to report that Peter still can't beat his (very fast) dad on a go kart as my times were recorded at up to 1 second faster on each lap.

Dan SawatzkyComment