Thanks mom!

I'm often asked how I learned to do the things I do. It started early in life. My Mom took notice of my drawing ability and passion and encouraged it. Although we didn't have a lot of money in those days I never was wanting for drawing materials. My Mom helped ends meet by working in a small department store in town. She saved and brought home the white cardboard packing that was tucked between the shirts for me to draw on. She also made sure I always had a good supply of pencils. More than that Mom allowed and encouraged me to pin or tape the multitude of drawings I did to my bedroom walls.

My Mom always had time to admire and make favorable comments about my drawings too, no matter how busy she was. In the process she was encouraging me to do more. Mom saved a lot of what I did as well, something I treasure to this day. As all mom's do she was equally encouraging to my siblings as well, recognizing their efforts in art and anything else that interested them. With four very active kids, close in years, I know it was no easy task.

I am who I am in large part because of my Mom. Thanks Mom!!!

Dan SawatzkyComment