Transformed - yet again!

Almost sixteen years ago Janis & I purchased a mini golf that had been in existence for many decades. We had a very different vision for the property. In the few months before we opened we transformed the beautiful property into Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf. It went from a dead flat old style mini golf into a beautiful landscaped and modern adventure golf with a logging theme. We ran it for twelve years before we sold it.

The new owners had a very different vision and through the last two years we have had the wonderful opportunity to help them transform the property yet again. We with the owners have expanded the park into a two acre playground with more than a dozen high end activities. Amazingly, much of the original theme work survived intact and was in fact enhanced with the addition of many new features. As the last coaster track went up last week I grabbed this panorama shot of the property. In a few short weeks the site will be teeming with guests who will be amazed at the transformation that has taken place over the past winter.

Dan SawatzkyComment