Ready to travel

Yesterday as I rolled my suitcase out to the car I stopped to take a few photos of the many features out in the driveway. One of them was the train engine - just recently mudded and curing a bit before the painting process starts. The train was looking very dapper in the bright sunshine. When the painting crew is finished with it the little engine will look like it is 100 years old as they have figured out to make some very believable rust patinas.

Once I snapped the pictures I jumped in the car and headed out to the airport. Twenty-five and a half hours later my plane touched down in Trinidad. Tomorrow we head out to the site for some meetings and a layout. Unlike last time we are now in dry season plus they have added about one foot of gravel to the base, which means I won't get my feet muddy and our paint marks won't simply float away. Temperatures are positively balmy and I'm looking forward to a day out in the tropical sun. Stay tuned for a report tomorrow...

Dan SawatzkyComment