Blank canvas

After many, many months of dreaming and planning (fourteen versions of the master plan) it is extremely exciting to travel to the work site in Trinidad to actually spray some meaningful marks on the ground. I laid out the larger features and buildings and physically walked through the layout. Even though I had a firm understanding of how it would look as I designed at my desk, it is very satisfying to lay things out on the ground and walk the property from one end to the other. First, I was the train as I 'chugged' around the track, visualizing each element and feature as I 'drove' by. Then I walked to each ride location and could clearly see in my mind's eye how everything related to each other and the beautiful surroundings. I could visualize everything clearly. I could smell the flowers and hear the waterfalls, music, and excited guests enjoying the rides. This is going to be a fabulous park when it is done!

A blank canvas is a most wonderful thing! Everyone else on the site saw this when they looked.

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments