This Theme Park is a Blast!

It was another beautiful day in downtown Yarrow, British Columbia and we continue to mud our little hearts out. Today we finished the join line on the Hangman's Tree and then continued on with the roller coaster bases for Cultus Lake Phase II.

When we considered the design of these features, we wanted to find the sweet spot between variety and repetition. As a result, the bases have several unifying elements: they are the same size and shape and their iron rivet bands and wooden planks tie them together. This repetition will help to keep the look and feel of the park consistent.

However, each barrel also has unique elements that set it apart from its counterparts- some have labels or patches or particularly interesting woodgrain patterns. These details will add interest and a sense of discovery as guests stroll through the park.

As a bonus, they are a blast to make.

- Uncle Peter

Peter SawatzkyComment