Pickles and Eye Patches

As promised, today was a good day for mud. The Hangman's Tree received a section of concrete complete with an eye patch. Tomorrow we will mud the top of the seam where these two pieces of the tree meet.  We can then separate these two segments. They will not be put back together again until they get to Trinidad.

We also finished mudding all the masts for the various ships and Gruffle houses. It feels great to finally check them off our list.

And of course we continue to work on the roller coaster bases for phase II of Cultus Lake.

We like to start every project with a story and the Runaway Mine Train roller coaster is no exception. Guests may notice that the coaster constructors appear to have used whatever they could find to build the track including this old pickle barrel. I have a feeling that by the time we are finished they will have used everything from Sarsaparilla kegs to crates of TNT to hold up this rickety old train.

Peter SawatzkyComment