This one's for Peter.

We dreamed and planned for our new house for many years. In that time we explored and considered many different ideas. Each time the talk of a fireplace came up Peter would loudly try to convince us to do a giant face with the wide open mouth for the fire pit. At first we would politely decline or change the subject but it became a running joke with Peter more insistent about his idea each time and us wanting something a little less wild. We are people of moderation after all. :) In the end we didn't build a fireplace into the house and Peter missed his chance to do the ultimate themed fire pit.

Today, as Janis & I were touring EPCOT we were on a mission. We had our eyes open, looking for a special feature we had glimpsed on the TV on the bus coming from the airport. As we entered EPCOT, those we asked had no idea of it's location but we were determined to find it. My guess was to go to the Italy pavilion in the World Showcase. It was the furthest point from the gate and a very long walk.  At the back of the pavilion was a pizza parlor and inside was the feature we were looking for. Not only that but there were three in a row.

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