Sailing the Ocean Blue

Work in the shop continues at a brisk pace. The majority of the crew are working furiously to finish painting a handful of pieces for Scallywag Bay while outside Matt and Jack bend steel and weld structure for phase II of Cultus Lake Adventure park which is now coming on stream.

However, as usual, there is alway time for a bit of fun. At the end of each day, I like to pause to take stock of what we have done that day and sketch a plan of attack for the next. Today, as I made my rounds, I noticed a new ship sailing off Skallywag's port bow.

Skallywag bravely sails at the head of his armada.

Skallywag bravely sails at the head of his armada.

We had a new load of secondhand towels delivered today - we go through an immense amount of terrycloth in our glazing process. The towels are torn into rag sized pieces but occasionally a real gem is kept intact for a little longer than the others. Today was just such an occasion as someone had hung up a sailing ship towel so that Skallywag wouldn't feel all alone at sea.

- Uncle Peter

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