Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Once again the driveway is getting full out front of the shop. It's great to see all the work we've accomplished since our last shipment to Trinidad, but it does make backing up a trailer full of sand a little bit of a challenge. We rearranged a few features to make unloading our sand a little easier and - as the attraction signs were lined up next to each other - I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.


We strongly believe that a project's signs should be integrated with its design. In fact, my father often argues that every element of a project is a vital part of that project's signage. 

At the beginning of the Trinidad project we decided that every attraction sign should be unique but have elements which tie it in with the rest of the signs as well as the park itself.

Consequently, each sign is a different shape and features a different Gruffle (or mechanical kraken). However, every sign is held aloft by a ship's mast and is painted in the same tonal range.

Stacked together in our driveway, I think the signs are a pleasing combination of same and different.

And once they are assembled in their final home they will do much more than simply tell visitors which attraction is which. They will help tell the story of Scallywag Bay - a magical land populated by friendly creatures and mechanical marvels.

Peter SawatzkyComment