Today the crew joked about another 'mid-sized' piece currently going through the shop. Mid-sized for this project is extremely large compared to most projects we build. The Gruffle stump house is to be built in three pieces. The bottom section is a large stump and will be buried on the door side to a depth of about two feet. Golfers will play up the ramp and under the front door. The ball will then drop out of one of two pipes onto the green to the right side. It is going to be a fun hole to play.

gruffle stump house.png

The next section is the cone shaped roof (armature visible behind). A flag pole will perch on top, complete with a Gruffle pirate flag of course. Like always the mid-sized (read that GIANT) features will shrink dramatically when we get them out of the shop and onto the site.

Dan SawatzkyComment