Krafting a Kraken

At the same time the big and fancy pieces are making their way through fabrication, wiring, concrete and sculpting and the painting other smaller pieces are also going through the same process. The smaller pieces, like the signs tend to have lots of finicky details and like the sculpting the painting of these is typically done with smaller tools. The big pieces are the priority and when the concrete needs sculpting all other tasks in the shop cease in order to get the time sensitive job done.

To facilitate this production schedule the smaller pieces typically get done in bits and pieces with a number of people doing the work as they are able. The concept art helps guide people but often they are a little vague or things have changed along the way. We are constantly trying new things and techniques as well trying our best to raising the bar on every piece. The answer to this is for Peter or myself to do a small section and then let someone else finish things off. This assures a continuity of style through the project.

The Kraken's Krew sign was done in this fashion. I initially set the tone for the piece but Jenessa and Angie have done the bulk of the sculpting. Others too had a hand in some of the parts. The work has been done in bits as they could squeeze it in between more pressing jobs.

One more day of sculpting and we'll be into paint!

Dan SawatzkyComment