Thar be treasure hidden here

As we build each element of Skallywag Bay we are taking great delight in adding as much detail and hiding as many things as we possibly can. There will be countless things hidden all through the land. The current project is for Treasure Quest, the kids area. Kids will explore, climbing and interacting with every feature. We'll imbed clues into the concrete pathways leading the kids on a roundabout journey towards the hidden treasure.

In our shop we'll work the opposite direction, starting with the treasure and the giant tree it's hidden in. As with all of our projects we started with the structural components. Now we are on to the welded pencil rod frame. We imagine exactly what we want to build and then bend and welld the quarter inch rod to make it - one piece at a time. Peter is taking lead on this project, fashioning the key frames, while Matt is filling in the rest of the frame behind him.

The tree and hidden treasure are taking shape quickly. 

Take a close look and they are both plainly visible especially if you use your imagination...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment