More concept art

The final masterplan (number ten) for Skallywag Bay is now approved and official. With that good news we are now reaching out to many more subcontractors and suppliers for the build of the project. As each new player enters the scene my phone begins to ring and the emails stack up in a hurry. Everyone has questions of course. The challenge is to make sure everyone works to the same vision, which lives in my head. Many of the smaller details are still months from being worked out and won't be finalized until I am onsite during my frequent visits to the workplace. 

But with the final version of the plans now released I can do more concept art to clarify the vision as needed. Today's drawing was of the main building facade. The red line on the plan above indicates the angle, direction and scope of viewing for the drawing below. There have been many previous versions of this drawing but each one became obsolete as change after change happend over the last nine versions of the master plan. Now there is certainty at last.

This project is both challenging and exciting to say the least. It's a bit like juggling cats at times but it is also very rewarding to be in charge of so many teams working hard towards the same goal. There's nothing I would rather do!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment