It's back!

The very first concept drawing I did for the Skallywag Bay Adventure Park project was a fancy gate befitting the Gruffle pirate theme. It's an idea I've harbored in my head for almost a decade. But changes in the master plan meant we didn't need the sign and so the idea was tucked away once more. In the last week we made some last minute changes to the park, moving the entrance building into the courtyard and creating a ticketing area in front of the building. This area needed to be fenced and the gate was suddenly back on the table.

In the last year we have modified the theme just a little and included a little SteamPunk style into the features. The gate too recieved this treatment. While we were at it I added diagonal braces, changed out the skull and changed the lettering to match the park logo.  The front gate for Skallywag Bay now lookis like this...

This is going to be FUN!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment