Everyone has been very eager to do the sculpted concrete work on a larger feature than just the benches we've been working on all week. With threatening rain clouds overhead this mornng it was definitely an inside the shop day. The thing is however is that the shop is pretty full with the treehouse frame inside but we decided there was just enough room for one of the cannons to be squeezed into the shop doorway (plus four more benches too). The cannon was a medium sized but complicated piece, a good sized bite of work for one day. Since I was tied up at my design desk for the bulk of the day it was up to Peter and the crew to pull it off and that they did with a BANG! This shot was taken just before a very late lunch. (Concrete waits for no one) 

By quitting time the first cannon was totally sculpted (along with four more benches) and the shop was nice and clean - just in time for a long weekend.

Monday is a holiday so the colorful paint job won't begin until Tuesday morning. This piece will be the real test for many of the new colors we've picked for this project. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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