One more day of mud

As we approach the opening deadline the excitement is building. Everyone is affected. The pace quickens. The push is on.

Today was the second to last big day of concrete sculpting on this project. We worked on the bicycle rental area, starting with the facia and posts and working our way down to the planters. It was an ambitious undertaking but we managed to get it all done. 

Tomorrow we'll tackle the last remaining wall of the building. The concrete will cure over the weekend and then we'll power on the paint in time for the concrete crew to lay down the deck and stairs.

With the bit of sunshine we got this afternoon the painting and glazing was finished up on the false fronts of the western building. That meant I could install the last of the signs.

With the welding and wiring now finished and the concrete sculpting almost complete it leaves our entire crew to concentrate on the painting. There's lots to do but also a whole big crew to do it. There's eleven more working days to pull it off.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment