Time for a test drive!

It was another day of working under the tarps with the rain more on than off. But even so it was another high energy day for the crew. It was also a BIG milestone for the project, for today we substantially finished the application and sculpting of the fibergass reinforced concrete on the Cultus Lake Adventure Park. We have a few more rocks to sculpt in the western stream and one sign post to do as well but these small projects won't require nearly the amounts of concrete we have been applying on a daily basis for the the last months. While the finish painting had to wait for better weather the crew were busy appimg the base coats of paint and very little grey concrete is left.

With our sculpted concrete work now finally done it was time for a celebration. Rather than work overtime today we quit working a half hour early to do some test rides. Today was the first day the giant Buckin Bronco ride was operating. It had been throughly checked and run empty and our crew was privileged to give it the first workout with a full load of eager volunteers.

The crew also took a spin on the Wagon Wheel give everyone a bird's eye view of the park. Lastly we headed over to the Wave Swinger. This ride had been tested on a limited basis but this too was the first time it had a full load. This type of ride is a common site at theme parks around the world but we took it to a whole new level in this project. It is situated on an elevated island in the center of Bucky's Bumper Boats pool. After everyone is secure in their chairs the ride telescopes upwards, the railings tilt down and outwards and then the ride begins to turn, swinging riders out over the pool many feet below. As evidenced in the short video our crew enjoyed the experience in a big way. 


After nine and a half months of slowly building the park from the ground up it was great fun to experience and see the park in a fashion similar to the way the guests will. We'll take the time to rest over the weekend and then hit the ground running on Monday morning to finish everything off in only two short weeks. The gates open to the public on June 28th!

Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment