Big progress

Every day onsite gets more exciting. The pressure is building of course as the deadline quickly approaches. But each day many areas of the park get closer to finish as well. Today we finished the sculpted concrete work in the Wilderness Adventure area. The gold panning sluce box got the treatment today and looks very fine.

This afternoon as Peter and Matt finished the carving of the woodgrain on the gold panning flume I snapped this picture, the park is going to be beautiful when the painting and planting are done.

 The base for the functioning water pump that kids will get to use got it's theme work as well.

We also added the stones to all of the waterways in this area of the park, finishing things off nicely. I can hardly wait to see kids enjoying this wonderland when we are done.

Out in the Western area things are proceeding quickly. The welding of the many armatures is almost done. The boys have been busy applying the lath to this whole area as well making it all ready for the concrete work that will be done next week. We've been a little held up by the weather and tomorrow the weatherman isn't exactly cooperating but after that the sunshine looks much brighter. We did manage to get the first of the glazes on the water wheel building today and it is looking very cool!

Tomorrow is a landmark day for the park as the crew from Italy has arrived and the installation of the four new rides begins. The park is about to change in a BIG way yet again!

-grampa dan

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