Gotta have some cute Gruffles too!

I'm told the Gruffle crew simply wasn't complete without some ladies. And the vote was to make them cute. A cute Gruffle is a bit of an oxymoron in my mind but Peter and Hailey came up with some original ideas.

The thought was these little cuties were far more dangerous than they looked. Their job was in fact to be the cannon crew. Peter whipped up some sketches as a starting point.

I worked up two drawings based on these ideas but one look and everyone in the house voted them down. TOO CUTE! After some discussion it was decided the hair was too neat. They needed some gruffling. So I started over once more. They were still very cute without a doubt but now looked like Gruffles.

Peter whipped up a parrot pirate at the same time.

The parrot passed the muster on the first try.

These guys still needs names of course. Two more Grffles to go!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment