Colorful and busy maze

As I looked through the pictures I took today I thought this one particularly summed up my day. It's in the shop, looking towards my studio door. There are many pieces in various stages of completion. Most have two or thre coats of paint on them and await just a little more before they are complete. There's no clear path through the jumble of pieces and looking over them there is no clear theme evident nor can you easily imagine how they will all fit together. But we know there is a plan and that it somehow will all work out.

My day was like that. It was busy from start to finish,  At the end of it I knew I had accomplished much but I would be hard pressed to show you what I had done. Just the same it was a good day and somehow contributed greatly in the scheme of things...  I hope. Thankfully, my crew did their work with little direction from me and lots was accomplished in our time in the shop and on the site today.

Tomorrow promises to be a productive day. Stay tuned for the report...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment