Trinidad project a GO!

Today was another busy one as we welded, wired and painted various components up at Cultus Lake. The last ride control booth was delivered today and I breathed a sign of relief. Each time we loaded and tied one of them on the trailer I worried all the way up to the lake, watching the top heavy loads carefully in my mirrors as they swayed with every bump and turn in the road. All six booths made it without a scratch. 

The big news of the day was from Trinidad. The Skallywag Bay Adventure Park project recieved the OFFICIAL GREEN LIGHT! Now we go through the engineering and final planning phase. In the next days rides will be ordered, contracts awarded and many others will begin their work. Actual onsite construction is to proceed soon. My job will be to coordinate all of the pieces with the contractors and suppliers from across Canada, the USA, the Carribean and Europe. Once built, all of the pieces get shipped to arrive and assembled into a world class project quite unlike any other.

It is all VERY exciting to say the least! Stay tuned for project reports as this unfolds...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky3 Comments