Another typical delivery

Unless someone has driven with me to deliver one of our creations it is hard to understand the joy it creates as we drive down the road. Today we loaded up the cactus with the vulture on top and headed down the road. The load wasn't heavy (compared to many we've hauled of late) but it was tall - barely legal in fact. 

As I drove out of the driveway and through the tiny town of Yarrow I got friendly waves and smiles. The load they witnessed wasn't at all strange to the locals. They had seen the like previously on a regular basis. Further down the road there were flagmen and tree trimmers at work. The flagger waved me through with a big smile and all work stopped as I passed, one guy nudging the next and pointing to look at my fun load. The flagger at the other end bowed and waved me on, beaming. I stopped for gas as I got to the lake. That always grabs the attention of everyone at the station. As I paid the attendant it was time for all the inevitble questions. 

As I rounded the corner to the park and rolled on site all worked stopped (as usual) as all eyes looked at the next piece to be installed. Chris' crew had the zoomboom in position and waiting. All I had to do was back up the rig and hook up the load. In less than twnety minutes the piece was bolted in place and I was ready to head home.

It was but another typical delivery for us.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment