Tree fort progress

Almost every kid alive dreams of the most awesome tree fort. Imagine a tree fort built high off the ground and accessible only by a series of rope bridges. It would be pretty cool! And that is exactly the kind of tree fort we are building. It will be sturdy and permanent, constructed of steel and concrete. We are building it in not quite the typical fashion. First came the tree, then the walls, floor and ceiling in one giant piece. Lastly we'll drop on the roof, complete with gables and shingles in place.

The bottom section of the tree was built last month and is already in place up at the park.

Now we are hard at work on the tree fort itself which will sit on top. It will be built in two sections. The main cabin is now welded, and wired with the concrete skin in progress. By Tuesday it should be ready for paint.

Peter started the welding last week and I finished the welding on the frame for the roof section today. The crew will make short work of the wiring tomorrow and by Tuesday this piece of the tree house will be getting it's hand-sculpted fiberglass reinforced concrete shingles.

The center mountain/pillar for the swinging bridges is in the final stages of the painting process. By Wednesday it will be rolled out of the shop, ready for delivery.

This coming week is to be cold outside so the entire crew will be busy in the shop. It will be elbow to elbow crew but I expect a great deal to be accomplished! Stay tuned for the progress reports...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment