Thank you Joy Spiers.

Through all of my years I have always been surrounded by loving family and I am so grateful!

When I first met Janis (and fell madly in love) I quickly discovered that she didn't come singly but rather as a package deal. Her family was a large part of the bargain. I had hit the jackpot. There was some adjustment of course for this young and impetuous artist was joining a solid and conservative accounting family. They never let on but I imagine it was pretty tough on them.

One member of my new family was Joy Spiers, Janis' mom. I quickly learned that Mom's way was often the best way (or at least the easiest.) I enjoyed countless meals at their table, visiting, playing games, sharing so many good times and simply enjoying being part of their family. Even though I thought differently about many things I was accepted and loved as one of their own.

Joy helped us through so many projects, and was always there when we needed a hand. She loved to tease and was a fierce wrestler - a worthy opponent. She was both serious or not as the situation warranted. She always unconditionally supported our dreams, even when she didn't fully understand or necessarily agree with them.

Their home was always open to us, no matter what the hour. Whenever we left after a visit she would always stand at the window and wave until we were out of sight. That was her way.

Each time we talked she wanted to hear every detail of our projects, my travels and adventures. She knew the names of each of my crew members and made them feel like they were part of our family. No one escaped without a hug.

Thank you Joy Spiers.

You were one of a kind. I will miss you a great deal while I remember you fondly.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky5 Comments