Making a mountain - one weld at a time

We've built many mountains in years past but they were small in comparison to our current job. This project called for us to hide one side of an entire three story building. As usual it started with an idea and a concept sketch.

Since that first drawing things have changed a lot, and then changed again and one more time after that. The building got a little bigger and the slopes of the roof changed significantly. Our ideas changed accordingly. 

We started with the top section, built in our shop and then transported to the site. The buildingg changed in an instant as the mountain top was lifted into place.


My client then welded up a structure beside the building over which we would fabricate the mountain.

This afternoon I began the first of the welding on the pencil rod framework to form the mountain armature.

Seven hundred welds done, a hundred thousand welds to go...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment