Telling a story right.

We love to tell stories with our signs. The more elaborate and embellished these stories are told the better.

The Windmill Drop ride is in the Western area of the park. The ride will wisk riders up to the top of a sixty-five foot tower and then drop them rapidly towards the ground. That's scary stuff for some people. The vulture on top of the sign nailed to a cactus enhances that feeling. But having just the vulture telling the story would be like the Reader's Digest version. There's far more to tell.

The tall tower ride will of course have a twenty-one foot windmill tower perched on top, It will look scary high from down on the ground. 

And around the bottom of the cactus we needed the leftover pickin's of the vulture who's waiting for the next carcass to show up. Today we began those pieces of the puzzle. The rib cage of the steer is still to come.

It's great fun to tell a story as it should be told.

-grampa dan 

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments