Rush to get out the door

It is not very often that we are pressed by deadlines but the press was on this week to get all of the large pieces in the shop ready to go out the door on Monday. The first operator's booth is now finished and ready to go. This is a critical piece as it has to be dragged out of the shop without the benefit of wheels as it was too tall to go out the door except flat on the floor. It has to leave before we can get the other large pieces out.

The final piece to get it's paint before the big move is the top of the center support for the swing bridges. It was too tall as well to have wheels and so it was mudded, carved and painted in front of the doorway. Because of curing times we couldn't begin the paint process until Friday. That meant some rare weekend work for the crew to put on the last coat of paint and glazes. Hailey and Sarah applied the last coat of paint this afternoon. Hailey, Peter and Becke came in this evening to put on the first of the glazes. Tomorrow the last color of glaze will go on, allowing one day of cure in the shop before the pieces leave the shop on Monday morning.

The multiple (large) piece delivery on Tuesday will make way for the last of the ride footings to be poured shortly thereafter. They can't put the footings now because the large crane needed to install these large pieces needs to position in that very same spot. As soon as the footings are poured we will deliver the last of the prefabricated pieces. That will also signal the start of the large scale onsite work by our team. It is going to be exciting!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment