Time for change

Almost fifteen years ago we built Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf. It was state of the art back then and the very best we could do. We owned and operated the small park for twelve years. Then we sold it and were priviledged to build the new park adjoining it last year. Now, as we head into the new year it is time for major change within the gates of Giggle Ridge as the Runaway Mine Train tracks are being built literally over about half of the adventure golf. Sixty steel columns will be installed to hold up the track and that means sixty large holes are being dug for the footings to which they will be attached. The old Giggle Ridge clubhouse is being removed and rebuilt in a new location to make way for a second large pendulum ride. That destruction began today. The park crew is now salvaging as many pieces of the old structure as is practical before the balance of the building is reduced to rubble on Thursday.

It is with a twinge of sadness we watch the fruits of our past labor go away but that feeling is quickly replaced with the excitement of what is to be started very soon. The first week of January we begin prefabrication of the many pieces for the expansion of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

It is time for some big changes up at the lake. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment