Modeling basics

The many sketches and drawings we've done pass on a lot of information to the viewers but sometimes an area is so complicated more in necessary. The area around the entrance and exit to the golf is just such an area.  A quick massing model is just the ticket to help everyone understand how things will be when we are done.

To create the model I used the scale plans to generate a routing file. Our MultiCam CNC router created a perfect topographical model with the basic information. Then in the space of an hour I sculpted in more quick detail to show where the planters would be, where there were slopes and where the rockwork would be built. I then took a bunch of photos of the model from every angle to send to all the players. The pink on the rocks is only to indicate where the rockwork will be built. Here's three of the photos. 

This will be a very dramatic landscape we are done.

Dan SawatzkyComment