Tree coming to life

Every time there is an oversize feature in the shop as many people as possible put in every available hour getting it finished and out the door. The reality is that little else can fit in the shop until we are done. These days that means everyone is busy on the treehouse. The base coats are now behind us and the first glazes are well under way. The tree and bamboo poles are looking pretty spiffy.

On the back side in a hollow of the tree there is a treasure, overflowing with gold coins and other bounty. The base coats on this treasure are now done with only the purple glaze to follow. With the paint in place it's hard to believe this is sculpted concrete!

Tomorrow the last of the glazes will be brushed on and judiciously wiped to reveal the exquisite grains and textures. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished piece tomorrow.

Dan SawatzkyComment