Lights at last

For twelve years during the time we lived in the old house there were never christmas lights on the outside of the house. Although we spent a considerable amount ugrading the electrical system when we moved in to the old place our electrician warned us to not do Christmas lights as it wouldn't take much to overload the system. Our Christmas light display was limited to a small tree inside.

With the new house now complete it was time at last to begin building our Christmas display. As always moderation was paramount. We will add a piece or two each year. This year we would begin with a wreath in the large circular window. It was definitely a team effort. Hailey sourced the many strings of LED lights. Jack got busy welding the pencil rod frame. Marty started the painstaking job of wrapping black tape around the many, many light strings, fastening them to the frame. Others contributed their efforts and it took a bunch to carry it out to the front, lift it up and fasten it in place. As the sky darkened we fired it up to start our celebration of Christmas.

Now it's time to begin thinking about what we are going to add next year...

Dan SawatzkyComment