One small sketch vs a thousand words

As I sketched today I was reminded of a picture I saw in a magazine decades ago of a Disney Imagineer named John Stone. The picture showed John doing a quick sketch of an idea he wanted implemented into Splash Mountain - an attraction at Disneyland. He was one of the main art directors for that project. His sketch was to show the crew who were doing the work just how John wanted things to look when they were done. I was privileged to spend some time with John a few years later and he showed me that same sketch from his sketchbook.

Today a number of questions came up regarding how the bridge, cave, rockwork and landscaping would all fit together at hole one of Skallywag Bay. There are a number of formal drawings and plans that accurately show how the pieces fit but sometimes they don't properly or clearly explain just how it will work. One of those quick sketches like I saw John do many years ago was much better suited to the task. So I grabbed my sketchbook and set to work...

I suspect that I'll be doing many, many more of these kinds of quick drawings over the course of the next months. A quick sketch is indeed worth a thousand words.

Dan SawatzkyComment