Building mountains out of molehills

I'm not sure if they have moles in Trinidad but if they are on site we will shortly be building mountains where the mole hills used to be. In addtion to designing all of the fanciful features it is my task to design the topography of the final landscape, how it will be lit and how it will drain. We will start with a site that is almost level and bare, save for three large trees but by the time we are done there will be numerous buildings, mountains, valleys, bridges, ponds and a forest of trees, not to mention the rides and features. Walkway slopes have to adhere to safe and modern standards. Everything has to drain when the heavy rains come. Every feature also has to be at a height that allows it to be shown to best advantage. Light standards need to be located now so the site is appropriately lit and all of the underground wiring can be located. It's a fun challenge!

To assist the owners, architects, planners, builders and landscapers I have been working on a series of drawings to show where the retaining walls need to be built and how high. Many thousands of cubic yards of fill will need to be trucked in and carefully tamped into place. The object of this excercise is to get it all in the right place the first time.

It is great fun to transform a flat site into a whole different world.

Dan SawatzkyComment