Second ship sets sail

The work we do to fabricate our welded steel armatures is critical to the final shape that will follow. It needs to be incredibly strong of course, to handle the weight of the concrete and to allow the piece to be moved in our shop and ultimately to the site. It then needs to stand the test of time. On larger pieces this fabrication can take days or even weeks of cutting, fitting and welding until everything is right. Once ready it is then put on wheels and moved out of the fabrication area to where it will get its coat of metal lath.

Today, the armature for pirate ship which will be in the play area was finished. It's hard to see the final shape of the small pencil rod frame but it's going to be a cool piece with wonderful flowing lines. We have some cool surprises in store that will keep it in tune with the rest of the park and even raise the fun bar ever higher.

This ship is low and long compared to the first we did for this project. It's size will allow the maximum number of kids to interact with the boat. It's lowness will keep everyone safe as possible with the highest deck less than two feet off the pool bottom. Kids are bound to climb and jump off of everything possible. The water around the ship will only be a couple of inches deep and the pool bottom will be lined with cast in place rubber.

Now the wiring crew will start in on the tricky task of fastening on the diamond lath. The ships form will then become more evident. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment