Monday magic

Monday morning, as always, the crew jumped into the work at hand and accomplished plenty. The horse and wagon got their base coats of paint. It lways amazes me how fast a piece comes together with the paint after seemingly endless hours to get it this far. It will get much more colorful from here. The rig is going to look pretty cool when it's all painted up.

We also finished the coin master for the Pieces of Eight ride. We painted it all up so the crew in Italy can see how we want it to look when they are done. They will make a mould off of this piece and then cast sixteen pieces for the sides of the barrel ride vehicles. As soon as the paint was dry it was packaged up and sent via courior to the factory in Italy.

The welding crew was working on the second pirate ship and have the armature almost wrapped up. It's going to be pretty cool when it's done.

The treehouse got it's sculpted concrete skin. The whole crew had a hand in the carving and it looks fabulous.

Tomorrow we'll turn on the lights and work even more magic. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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