Another ship

It was another very busy day in the shop with three pieces recieving final paint and glazes. They will roll out the door tomorrow. The boys kept three welders going steady all day and finished the armatures of many small pieces. Jack worked on the metal frame of the stern of second pirate ship and made good progress. Welding the armatures for the features is a difficult task for you have to get a clear idea of what you are building firmly in your head before you start. It's done one rod at a time and often it is a while before you can clearly see the shape you are creating. The compound curves of the ship are especially challenging! This is going to be a very pretty piece when it is done. Great job Jack!

It was also time to begin the painting of the bamboo bridge supports. Today's work would set the style of everything to come. Angie and Jenessa did it perfectly.

Tomorrow we are back to sculpting concrete mud once more. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment