Plan C

Moving day for our extremely large pieces is always a challenge. We had engineered a system of sturdy swivel castors which worked well on the welded structural frames but once the concrete was on the wheels proved to be a little light. It was time for plan B. We quickly placed an order for some castors that were even more heavy duty but this morning as we began the move they too failed. 

The solution was to drag the monster ship under the lift beam and take the second set of castors off and set the piece down on some pipes with would act as rollers. Slow and steady was the order of the day with no one allowed to even think about putting hands or feet under or near the frame - just in case something went wrong. Our little tractor in it's lowest gear would do the heavy work and provide the moving power.

It took the whole team a half hour of work but everything went smooth as we eased the ship out of the shop and into the parking lot - all without a scratch.

With the ship and other completed pieces out of the shop safely it was time for a quick sweep and then a whole new batch of features was moved into the shop to continue. I love it when a plan comes together - even if it is plan C. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment