Rock on!

Back in July we did up a scale model of the monkey skull climbing rock to show our rock buiding team the look and style we were looking for. I took a bunch of pictures before it was painted (which I posted back then).

It was a busy time and the model was shipped before I had a chance to shoot it after it had been painted up. Yesterday, while cruising our rock builder's facebook page I found two pictures they had taken after they had unpacked it on arrival in Ontario. Here they are to give you a better look at what is to be built in Trinidad.

In the coming days the rock building team will be welding up frames and then fabricating rockwork to capture this vision. The engineers and planners (locally, in Ontario and in Trinidad) are working on the platform around which the rock will be built. Those drawings fill a number of pages that look like this... More of the steel frameworks and attachment points are still in the works. 

Pretty soon it will be time to post pictures of the construction progress. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment