Phil's Pholly

It will be only four days of work in the shop this week but that won't limit the amount of work coming out of the giant magic doors. The shop is full to overflowing with wall to wall pieces on the go. At the back of the shop behind the bright orange curtains the welders are creating frames for all of the operator booths we will need for the Trinidad attractions. Three are done with three more in the works. The sculpting crew is working on smaller pieces like bridges, boxes and barrels as well as the final areas of the poop deck of the ship. These pieces are tucked into every available space in the shop.

The painting crew was busy on the giant ship laying on the base coats and starting on the glazes. In between coats they finished the patinas on the giant cannon and also the glazes on the parrot that Philip had sculpted last week. We decided the parrot's name is (Phil's) Pholly and he turned out pretty cool!

This week there will be lots of fantastic projects finished off and moved out the doors making room for even more cool projects in the shop!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment