A fancy cherry on top

The other day we went out to dinner and a show. As part of our evening out we popped into one of those make your own sundae places. I dished out a little of my favorite raspberry flavored ice cream, a little fresh fruit, a bunch of sliced almonds, some gummy bears for good measure and a little whipped cream - all in moderation of course. But I had to have one more little thing to make my sundae complete - three cherries on top. It speaks of my style.

The features we build are like that. Careful details are layered and stacked until we build the perfect feature but it is not quite complete. It needs one more detail to finish our work - a delectable cherry on top. The water tower was a delight to build. It has seemingly endless detail from top to bottom. It helps tell the story of this area and will serve a function as the water 'from the tower' spills into the sluice box where the kids will pan for 'gold and gems'. But one thing was missing. Yesterday I fixed that as I added the topper.

That is how one builds a delicious dessert. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment