Fair weather progress

Yesterday the hording around the bumper boat island came down. It had helped to shield our brave crew during the bitter cold while they welded up the armature for the dirtbanks and timbers that will appear to hold up the Wave Swinger ride above. With the hording gone Chris' crew will install the railing hydraulics and then we can finish off the welding of the outside timber trim. With only the pencil rod and some mesh in place it is difficult to see quite yet but it is going to be so cool. The timbers, when we are done, will look like they are barely holding up the ride above, some cracked or leaning badly.

The mountain that will hide the building will rise above it all with a tumbling waterfall to the left. The dirt banks that line the ramp up to the building (on the right side) are now meshed and ready for the sculpted concrete work. 

On the other side of the main building the Western themed area is quickly taking shape. The saloon is framed and almost ready for us to begin the finished theme work. The footings for the walls that outline the creek and walkways are being formed with the concrete to be poured early next week. The foundations are in the for the water wheel building and the western themed outbuilding that will house the pump for the creek. The footing is also poured for the block wall that will form the bottom of the fence on this side of the park.

 It won't be long until we begin hauling in the prefabricated pieces for this side of the park and then add the theme work to the rest. Stay tuned for the fun...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment