Passing on the vision

Each day Chris, the owner of the project and I walk the site, spray bomb and tape measure in hand. We discuss each area and spray lines on the ground. Then we take a step back and look at it from each direction, visualizing what guests will see and how they will interact with our creation. Often we will go back, kick dirt over our lines and then spray new ones because we have an even better idea. The process is repeated until we agree on the vision. Chris then meets with his crew to pass on the ideas and interpret what all the spray painted lines on the ground mean, where to dig or place the forms for the concrete to be poured. Today we were working on the layout for the shallow pool that will have a matrix of stepping stones on which our young guests can venture across the expanse of water. The bottom of the pool (with only an inch or two or water) will be coated with a thick layer of rubber to keep things safe.

Chris' crew will then prepare the ground, lay in the rebar and pour the concrete to shape the pool. I will then meet with my crew to once again pass on the vision and we will then weld up the steel, attach the lath, trowel on the cement, and carve the details. The end result will hopefully look as good or even better than what Chris and I dreamed up many weeks previous. It is a process that works exceptionally well. 

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment