Almost ready to push out the giant log

Monday and Tuesday I was under the weather. Today I felt marginally better and improved as the day progressed. I still went to work but kept mainly in my office away from the crew. I figured I would feel lousy no matter if I stayed in bed so I may as well catch up with all of the put off things at my desk work. It is good to feel human again at last. I did manage to catch up on the giant pile of papers however so I guess it was a needed break of sorts. Now I am determined, more than ever, to operate at full speed tomorrow. I sure need to for the crew is nipping at my heals once more.

They kept busy in the workshop today and made good progress on the painting of the three large pieces.

The giant log now needs only one more glaze on the outside to be complete and the inside is done. Everyone assures me they will easily be done tomorrow. Friday morning we push it outside to be loaded onto the trailer for it's trip up to the lake.

The good news is that the extended weather forcast looks fabulous for next week. That sounds like a good reason to head up to the lake with the entire crew. (for work)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment