Still BIG

Generally when we push a project out of the shop it seems to start shrinking as soon as we squeeze it through the door. The giant log took our entire team to push and carefully steer out if the shop but it fit without a problem. We pushed it far enough away from the building to allow the crane to hook up first thing tomorrow morning. This time however the piece didn't shrink. It looked just as massive out in the driveway as it did in the shop. Inside the shop suddenly seemed emptry and even a little cavernous. We filled the space with new projects to instantly cure that unfamiliar feeling.

I suspect that the log will look just as massive (or even bigger) when we load it onto the trailer. And then when we set it into the Wilderness Adventure area it will be the same.  Without a doubt the log is going to determine the placement of everything around it. Stay tuned for the continuing adventure...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment