Sailing into 2014

As the new year rolls in each year it makes me both retrospective and forward looking. The past year has been a big one in our lives. For the better part of the last two years it was all about the new house, a long held dream come true. There's still some work to do but the house is largely complete and comfortable. It was well worth the huge effort. Our household changed in the past year becoming larger and busier, quite the opposite of what we were expecting.

Business returned with a vengance in 2013 and our forces increased dramatically, with the crew now numbering fifteen. Our current project will take us well into 2014 and pending projects will take us into 2015 and well beyond. The customer's seeking our work are allowing us to be more creative than ever before which is very cool. All this bodes well for the future without a doubt.

The only sure thing about 2014 is that it will undoubtably be exciting, challenging and fun every step of the way! It will be a wonderful adventure I'm sure.

Happy New Year!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment